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Cat Agreement

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3. When an investigation is conducted in accordance with paragraph 2 of this article, the Committee endeavours to cooperate with the State party concerned. In accordance with this State Party, such an investigation may involve a visit to its territory. 2. Any State may declare, at the time of signing or ratification of this treaty or accession to this agreement, that it is not bound by paragraph I of this article. The other States Parties are not bound by paragraph I of this article with respect to a State Party that has issued such a reservation. When registering a litter, the application for registration must be accompanied by a copy of the mating certificate, unless the person registering the cat (s) is also the registered owner of the father. The owners of the mare`s cat must present a mating certificate to the queen`s owner when picking up the queen. (Rule added 24.10.2001) 7. The Committee transmits its positions to the relevant contracting state and to each state. 5.

Committee members are elected for a four-year term. They may be re-elected if re-elected. However, the term of five of the members elected in the first election ends after two years; Immediately after the first election, the names of these five members are drawn at random by the chair of the meeting in paragraph 3. Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are simple property plans to maximize your cat® machine. 3. This convention does not exclude any criminal jurisdiction under domestic law. Recognising that these rights derive from the intrinsic dignity of the human person, 1. Each State Party undertakes to prevent, in each jurisdiction under its jurisdiction, further cruel, inhuman or degrading acts or punishments that do not constitute acts of torture within the meaning of Article I, where such acts are committed by or at the initiative or with the consent or tolerance of a civil servant or other person acting in an official capacity. In particular, the obligations under Articles 10, 11, 12 and 13 apply to the replacement of references to torture from references to other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment or punishment.

1. A State party to this Convention may at any time declare, under this article, that it recognizes the Committee`s jurisdiction to receive, receive and review the communications of persons under its jurisdiction or on behalf of persons who claim to be the victims of a violation of the provisions of the convention by a contracting state. The Committee is not informed whether this is a contracting state that has not made this statement. 1. Each State Party takes effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent torture in each of the territories under its jurisdiction.

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