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If citizens do not have any of the above requirements, what is the option for them to register the holiday and license agreement? RENTAL AND OTHER CONDITIONS After entering the information relating to the property, parties and identifiers regarding the document, click on the “Add rent and other terms” button. Under “period”, the duration of the rental contract is mentioned in the months that have been concluded. This period should not exceed 60 months. In the “Von” column, use the calendar to enter the date from which the lease takes effect. This date must not exceed four months after the date of signature of the holiday and license agreement. If you have already paid the amount by e-payment, indicate in the stamp tax and registration fee columns the government reference number received (GRN) and the date of payment. or use the “Pay Now” option and transfer the stamp duty and registration fee online. Click on the “Confirm” button and make sure that you have made the payment. In the column `Deposit made at the place, indicate the place/village where the document is executed.

If you enter the amount in the “deposit (refundable/non-refundable)” column, you can see the Payment Details column of the deposit; Enter information about the repository. If the deposit is not included in the transaction, do not enter anything in the Deposit column. When you click on the “+ sign” in the area of the selected Terms and Conditions, the conditions of liability are displayed with regard to maintenance costs. Read them carefully and select the condition of your agreement. It is mandatory to choose a condition. After selecting the terms of the maintenance charges, click on the “View selected terms and conditions” button and indicate the selected conditions. The information you have filled in about the property, parties and identifiers, as well as the conditions retained for maintenance costs, will be used for the drafting of your document. After selecting the conditions, click on the “SAVE” button. Document drawing After receiving the “Send Successfully” message, click “View Document Project. The draft holiday and license agreement, drawn up on the basis of the information you have entered, will be displayed.

Read this document carefully. If you want to make corrections, make the necessary corrections using the “Back” button. . . .

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