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Prenuptial Agreement Tucson

abril 11, 2021 By: admin Category: Sin categoría

When I advise spouses on family matters or in effective planning for the future, I often hear that couples do not want a marriage agreement, because it is like a negative way to start their marriage. After 12 years of serving Arizona residents in family law, I can understand the fears people have when making vital decisions, such as marriages or children. Why a prenup? If done correctly, a pre-marriage contract offers many advantages. He offers a proactive plan that goes to the wedding. One way to deal with the appearance of almost all contingencies (including who gets the family pet when the spouses separate). Marriage contracts can provide security if an important event takes place during the marriage, such as divorce, obstruction or even a lottery win. Once a couple is married, they can only amend or revoke their pre-marriage contract through a written agreement signed by both parties. A marriage contract is a contract between two people before their marriage. In the event of a divorce, a conjugal agreement can dictate everything from guardianship to the distribution of property. While before marriage, most couples don`t want to plan when their marriage might dissolve, it may be worth protecting your wealth from marriage. If you are interested in developing a marriage pact or if your spouse has asked you to sign a marriage agreement, it is important that you have a qualified lawyer and/or re-extend the marriage agreement.

Stewart Law Group has experienced and thoughtful marriage contract lawyers in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Peoria, Tempe and Gilbert. Our legal team strives to provide all our clients with the highest quality of legal advice. To speak to one of our lawyers or to arrange a confidential consultation with a lawyer, call 602-548-3400, complete our online contact form or email your question to today. The marriage agreement stipulates that after the divorce, the woman will lose all her shares in the phoenix house ($1.4 million market value) and instead collect the Tucson matrimonial dwelling ($1.0 million market value). If the Prenup is forced, the wife gets a common value of $400,000 less than the husband receives. In this example, the woman could greatly benefit by defying the prenup. If the challenge is successful, her share of common ownership should be equal to her husband`s, or 1.2 million. She was able to end the divorce with the condominium and compensation of $200,000 to compensate for the difference in market values. A marital or pre-marital contract may include direction on how the property should be split in the event of separation, dissolution of marriage or death.

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