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Station Access Agreements

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This regime avoids much of the need to decommission service lanes during passenger duty hours. The line is also maintained on an FRA track class higher than that required for current operating speeds, to reduce the likelihood that a track defect will result in slow control and maintenance delays. As with investment projects, it is essential that the agreement between a passenger railway agency and the host railway sets out in detail the obligations of each contracting party: ⢠For the passenger railway agency to pay the agreed fee for the services provided. To ensure that the host train meets the service requirements for the passenger train travel time, the number of daily trips and the maximum minutes of delay allowed in the format shown in Table 4-3. Agreements between the gastbahn and Amtrak, as well as between Amtrak and the Passenger Railway Agency, must refer to the same service parameters. Regardless of ROW`s acquisition and access agreements, S-Bahn agencies typically use O&M services. The main exceptions are a group of long-standing S-Bahn agencies in the NEC and Chicago that operate services directly. Almost all com Muter services recently set up have followed this practice, with one exception, all operated by a contractor. This project focuses on access issues and does not deal directly with O&M commuter contracts, but these contracts are described, as the S-Bahn agency`s contract with the operator may contain requirements that must be in line with the agreement between the S-Bahn agency and the host train. Figure 4-3 illustrates the relationship between the reception or tenant train, the S-Bahn agency (which can also be the host if it owns ROW) and a contract operator. . .


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