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Surf Coast Shire Enterprise Agreement

octubre 10, 2021 By: admin Category: Sin categoría

16.45 Several stakeholders considered that the inclusion of domestic violence clauses in company agreements was “a positive step towards protecting the safety and commercial rights of people who have experienced domestic violence, which has had a negative impact on their rights at work”. [58] 16.47 The ALRC believes that domestic violence clauses in company agreements likely play an important role in enhancing the safety of workers who are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence clauses recognize and address the impact of domestic violence on workers and employment and can provide a flexible way to negotiate responses to domestic violence in the workplace and create enforceable rights. 16.30 Labour law, as it related to the relationship between an employer and a worker, is based on the common law, particularly in contract law. The rights and obligations of an employer and an employee are generally governed by and flow from the terms of an employment contract. However, rights and obligations also derive from a number of other sources, including legislation, the terms of which may prevail over the employment contract. One such source is the Fair Work Act, which provides that there are different types of agreements that are called company agreements and that can take precedence over employment contracts. [30] 16.33 The Fair Work Act lists several categories of issues related to company agreements: permitted issues that can be taken into account; [34] binding terms that must be included; [35] and illegal provisions that cannot be included or have no effect. [36] To be approved by the FWA, there are a number of requirements, one of which is that she must pass the “Overall better and better” test. [65] (a) This Council/Shire recognises that, in their private lives, workers are sometimes confronted with situations of violence or abuse that may affect their presence or performance at work. This is why Council/shire is committed to supporting workers who are victims of domestic violence.

16.34 The Fair Work Act also contains a number of requirements with regard to the process of negotiating company agreements; for example, a requirement that parties negotiate in good faith and detailed provisions regarding representation during negotiations. [38] Staff conditions and rights are covered by the corresponding staff assignment or agreement. Surf Coast Shire Council has decided to introduce many other workplace benefits that will help us be a privileged employer and a great place to work.. . . .

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