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Zed Miba Agreement

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The ZED-MIBA Forum (ZMF) is an umbrella organization composed of the ZED for personal travel and the MIBA for service travel. Airlines join the ZED-MIBA Forum and participate in the ZED Agreement or the MIBA Agreement, or both, as they wish. For example, carrier XX has an agreement with Carrier BB for travel by BB employees on Carrier XX, the rule number for this agreement would be XXBB. If BB submits its Category 25 rates for XX employees, the rule number would be BBXX. In an alliance agreement where all airlines in the alliance receive the same level of discount, a rule with a descriptive rule assignment could be used. 2. Disclaimer All data relating to tariff rules in this document are fictitious and are for the sole purpose of illustrating examples of coding ZED/MIBA Category 25 tariffs. Tariffs are provided to ATPCO by the ZED/MIBA Working Group. The accuracy of these tariff levels should be checked with prior to the publication of the data. ZED/MIBA tariffs can only be combined with themselves and other ZED/MIBA tariffs if a formal agreement has been concluded.

See the graph on page 41. Since its inception, the organization now has approximately 180 airlines from around the world, as well as more than 70 partner airlines. The member airlines of the ZED/MIBA Forum represent more than 90 countries and 6 continents. The management of the ZED programme was merged with the MIBA programme in 2001. These programmes are subject to three separate agreements: the ZED/MIBA Forum Agreement, the ZED Agreement and the MIBA Agreement. 33 QUIZ Do you have to accept the refund terms when negotiating new ISTA agreements? No, because these tickets are totally NON refundable Yes The answer is B (ISTA, page 23 – C.2.e The carrier must accept and complete a request for a total or partial refund of the fare and applicable taxes of an unused portion of a ticket within one year from the date of initial issue. The refund process must be initiated by the ticket holder within 30 days of the date of request. Airlines may bilaterally agree to extend or shorten these deadlines.) ZED MIBA Annual General Meeting 2018 | Dubrovnik A travel agreement for airline employees on mutual discounted travel options for its own employees and other authorized persons on the basis of fixed fares that apply to different distance zones….

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