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Emory University Early Decision Agreement

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In the meantime, application documents for all decision plans, including researchers, are reviewed without semi-annual reports or transcripts. Emory`s advance ruling agreement is binding, so you can`t apply to another school as part of a binding early decision plan or early action plan. You can always apply to other schools as part of a non-binding early action plan, continuous admission, or a regular decision plan. Applicants can receive an email invitation from an Emory alumnus at any time between mid-October and early February. Since applications are subject to multiple reviews, it is impossible to predict when or if a candidate will be invited to an interview with former students. Scholarships will not be completed until early April. If your decision to attend Emory University depends on obtaining a merit-based scholarship, we encourage you to apply under the regular decision. If you have any questions about financial assistance, please contact the Financial Assistance Office directly at or 404.727.6039. If you require a fee waiver, but are not eligible for the coalition application main fee waiver, please email for the Emory University Fee Waiver Code.

Decision notifications are published online via your Emory application portal ( Register on December 15, at 6:00 p.m. or after 6:00 p.m.m ET, to receive your admission decision. No. The exception is for students who apply to both Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College as part of an early decision plan, as both colleges are part of the same university. You are free to apply to multiple colleges and universities as part of the regular decision or ongoing admission plans. Decision notifications are only published via the Applicant Portal. We do not send admission decisions by email and cannot publish decisions by telephone. If you change your mind after applying, candidates can update their «Optional Test» answer in the Emory Candidate Portal up to a certain point. Timelines for these changes are based on the decision plan and will be made available to the applicant via email and in their applicant portal. A small subset of first-year applicants may be invited to interview alumni in their area as part of the alumni interview program. This is an opportunity for the candidate to discuss ideas that fascinate him in a warm and discreet environment and to learn more about the University and Atlanta.

It is important to note that the evaluation of applications by the Admissions Committee is comprehensive and holistic. While outstanding academic performance is important, we select students based on many attributes and are particularly interested in those who we believe will contribute to and benefit from our community. Students are selected based on many attributes – academic record, extracurricular achievements, proven leadership and community/family contribution, personal essays, and letters of recommendation. Admission decisions are complete and there is no magic formula for choosing the perfect Emory University student. We do not require semi-annual reports and transcripts for advance ruling I applicants. If it`s on your checklist, we`ll need it for another decision plan. We understand that these documents are generally not available until late December/early January. It will always appear as «pending» on your checklist until it is received. Both advance ruling plans are binding, which means that if the university admits you and we make education affordable, you will have to pay your admission deposit and enroll.

Information about your grant will be available on the OPUS Financial Support sticker approximately 24 to 48 hours after the publication of the decision. You will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office when your scholarship can be viewed in OPUS. (Learn more about setting up your OPUS account if you haven`t already.) Once logged in, you will see a light yellow box titled: StatusUpdate when admission decisions become available. There will be a link to View Update where you can see your decision letter online. Letters of recommendation that could not be submitted online should be sent by the reference provider to via the attached PDF. Make sure the email includes the applicant`s full name, date of birth, and application ID. Official transcripts are usually provided by the school`s registration office. The Registrar may send the transcript via the joint application or as a PDF attached to to Emory University. Emory University does not require standardized tests in 2020-2021 (first-year students planning to enroll in the fall of 2021). This policy applies to both emory University, Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College entry points, all decision plans (both advance ruling rounds and due process) and all scholarships (including membership in one of the emory scholarship programs). Feel free to contact us by posting a comment on this blog, tweeting us @emoryadmission or emailing us at

If you have applied for EDI at both Emory College and Oxford College, you will have a decision letter with information about the decision for each college it contains. Binding means that you enter into a contractual agreement stating that Emory University is your school of choice and that if admitted with appropriate financial support, they will register here and withdraw all other applications for admission to the college. We appreciate the connections inherited from applicants and encourage students to describe their academic relationships in their application. A legacy connection is considered part of a student`s application, but is in no way a guarantee of inclusion in our highly competitive candidate pool. Trainers at Emory College and Oxford College are familiar with admission guidelines and work closely with admissions staff throughout the application process. Coaches can be an important resource for budding athletes and their families. Coaches can give advice and feedback to the admissions office at any time. Coaches can commit to supporting a potential student-athlete. However, only the Undergraduate Admissions Office can review a candidate, make an admission decision and inform a candidate of that admission decision.

Your grant notice will be sent to your preferred email address within 48 hours of approval of the admission decision, if all documents have been submitted on time. After the grant process, the Student Accounts and Billing Office is responsible for managing all transactions related to the student`s financial account, including billing and collecting all student fees, issuing refund credits, etc. Ask your high school trustee or school registrar to submit an official copy of your transcript through the joint application. Or your school counselor can email the transcript as a PDF attached to We do not accept transcripts submitted by the applicant. Please ensure that the application documents contain the applicant`s full name, exactly as indicated on their application, date of birth and application identification number. If you are missing financial support documents, your scholarship will not be available on this date. Missing items are listed in the task list (on the Tasks tile). Required documents must be received by the Financial Aid Office by December 22 to receive a scholarship by the January 15 application deadline. . If paying the $75 application fee is a financial difficulty, we are happy to waive the fee.

All fee exemption requests are processed online using the joint application or coalition application. . Students applying as transfer students for the Fall 2021 academic year will still be required to submit SAT and/or ACT results with their application. These results can be self-reported or official. . Emory has a rich tradition of academic excellence and athletic success. Each year, our coaches look for top students to join their teams and build on the legacy of champion Emory Eagles at both locations. We assume that prior to the Covid-19 disruptions, transfer applicants passed standardized tests to be admitted to their current institution. .

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