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South Australian Awards and Agreements

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Company agreements set out the conditions of employment between employees and employers. They can be carried out in accordance with federal or state law. Prices apply to many employees in Australia. Modern prices can be found on this page. Consult individual company agreements for up-to-date details on salary grids. The South Australian Employment Tribunal (SAET) is responsible for approving company agreements in the public sector. All prices on this list are up to date. In 2020, as part of our review process, we updated many awards with the title «2020». The reference `MA000***` shows that this is a modern price. The state`s public sector includes most of the commercial enterprises and local government agencies of the state government. South African public sector company agreements are entered into under South Australia`s Fair Work Act 1994. Laws, company agreements and industry bonuses determine your rights and working conditions in accordance with commissioners` regulations Employees in sectors such as the public service and local government have rewards to protect the interests of employers and employees.

Enterprise contracts are derived from rewards. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides information on workplace agreements in the private sector. SaET oversees matters arising from industry bonuses and coordinated corporate agreements with the public sector, local government and mandatory state-owned enterprises in South Australia. Since 1. As of January 2010, the private sector awards, including the non-governmental sector for municipal services, private schools and universities, are administered by the Commonwealth Fair Work Commission and not by its SAET. The South Australian Labour Court provides application forms and other guidance on company agreements. The court may also arbitrate or give directions if the parties are trying to negotiate an agreement. Company agreements offer the opportunity to make changes related to: SAET maintains a list of all South Australian industry prices. See the list of agreements (source DTF Industrial Relations/Current Agreements) These agreements are an alternative to industry-wide prices. They also offer the opportunity to recognize other employment contracts that are not excellent. See the list of company agreements (source: SA Employment Tribunal) Company agreements (certified agreements) contain terms and conditions of employment negotiated between employers and the public sector unions concerned on behalf of employees. Company Negotiations Equal Pay: General Meeting of Employees You can contact us to make, modify or revoke a bonus.

We publish details of all current requests. We publish the details of the price evaluations with our most important cases. Awards are documents of the SA Labour Court (SAET) that contain minimum conditions of employment. If you`re not sure if a price covers it or what price is yours, you can find the right price on the Fair Work Ombudsman`s website. The SAET may make an award or agreement at the request of a trade union, an employers` association or an individual employer having an interest in the territory. The rules of the Public Sector Employment Commissioner are binding and cover a range of public sector employment issues. Allowances are enforceable minimum terms and conditions of employment that set wages, salaries, allowances and other forms of remuneration, as well as terms and conditions of employment such as hours of work and leave arrangements for employees who share employers or jobs. If you are a public sector employee in South Australia, a local government or a regulated state enterprise, your assignment or company agreement will be enforced by saET. .

An application for granting or amending an arbitral award may be made by the Minister, an employer or group of employees, an employee or group of employees, a registered association or South African trade unions. Notice of intent to negotiate a business agreement An agreement may be negotiated by a person carrying on a business or company through: The private sector falls under the Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009. Go to: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. . . .

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